Software testing tool

Powerful Software Testing Tool

It is well known that automated testing is vital for the viability of many software development projects. Automated testing has long been thought critical for large software development organizations, but is often considered to be too expensive and difficult to implement for smaller companies.

STDL tries to break this stereotype by offering a totally integrated package to automate your tests for no licensing costs (open source). The language is very easy to familiarise with so hopefully you can enjoy productivity gains right from the start.

STDL (Structured test description language) is a domain-specific testing language that is used to auto-generate unit test code. STDL is quite a breakthrough from the other automated testing solutions in that it also automates the generation of unit tests rather than just the execution.

STDL supports a myriad of output languages but in its current initial state supports C#.NET.

A brief tutorial is available here


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